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When we entered 2020, we couldn’t have predicted the challenges we were about to face. We were hopeful and felt the energy of the new decade. New ideas and hopes were the cornerstone of our future. When the pandemic broke out and disrupted the whole world, it wasn’t just a health problem; our social and emotional lives were also affected. We took our precious moments for granted, whether it would be our personal or professional lives. It left us in darkness.

The Audio Theatre Experience was born during this incredible time. It is bound not only to give a much needed escape from the troubling realities that surround us, but its true intention is to keep theater alive, our community together, and be an example that no matter how difficult things get, we can overcome our obstacles and defy them. It just takes a shift in the mind.

Over 50 exceptional artists worked tirelessly for four months. Our team, from all over the world, faced the trials of recording their parts remotely with different recording devices, time differences, and language barriers. Even though most of them have never met or been in the same room or continent- our passion, trust, and respect brought us together.

Houdini is one of the most inspiring people in history. His commitment, drive, and belief has helped guide us through these past months and he has been indeed the lighthouse in this storm.

So, here we are after thousands of hours of work, these prodigious actors, musicians, voice talents, and creative staff are honored to present: d’ILLUSION: The Houdini Musical.

Welcome to the world of Houdini!

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