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Balint Varga

Creator / Music / Book

Writing credits include: Hypatia / Why Don't I Have a Girlfriend? / Reflections/ White Witch of Rosehall / Gailley and The Tale of The Fate Keeper / 14 days that changed the world / O.REX / Fatelessness

Balint is an internationally acclaimed award winning composer / conductor / music supervisor who has worked and performed in the USA, China, Russia, France, Hungary, and Germany.

He's a proud member of the Lehman Engel BMI Musical Theatre Writing Workshop and lives in New York City.


Lia Barcellona Tamborra

Lyrics / Additional Book

Writing credits include: Hypatia / Dangersparkle and the Lion / Atlantis! The Final Hour / Why Don't I Have a Girlfriend? / Polyamory. She won multiple awards as writer and performer. 

She's the founder and artistic director of DangerLion Productions.

Balint and Lia have been collaborating since 2013. 

Nicole Hughes

Dramatist /Additional Book

Mihaly Kal Pinter

Originally co-concieved

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