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It's like being in the theater with your eyes closed. Or think of it as watching a movie without visuals.

You listen to the ENTIRE show accompanied by orchestration, stage direction, sound effect, but YOU get to decide what the set looks like. What the characters wear, how they walk, what they look like. This is your UNIQUE experience. The magic of imagination.  

d’ILLUSION - The Houdini Musical was recorded from Overture to Finale with all dialogue, songs, incidental music, underscore, and narrations. However, you may ask: What exactly makes it an audio theatre EXPERIENCE? Well, it is the sound environment that surrounds the characters in the show. You will hear people walking on the cobblestone outside, the light of a match, or a distant church bell, and with these small details, you are placed directly in the middle of the action. In addition to that, every sound has been placed into a stereo design, so we can feel exactly where people are in the room or where they are walking to and from. This is a new, innovative, media form that has never been heard before.

Get ready to experience d’ILLUSION.

Best musical Tony award Grammy award 2021 Broadway d'ILLUSION The Houdini Musical
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