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Thank you for your interest in d’ILLUSION: The Houdini Musical


In order to start your process, please email us

with the following information:


-   Name of your company / organization / school 

-   Your office address

-   Business contact information (phone, email and website)

-   Location of the performance (name and address of the venue)

-   Performance dates

-   Ticket pricing

-   Seating capacity


Once your license application is processed, you will receive a license offer (Production Contract). 

It outlines everything you are permitted (and not permitted) to do with the show. Please read it carefully to ensure you are properly following all contractual obligations outlined in your contract. The show has contractual restrictions regarding billing, production, and other things. Furthermore it outlines your royalty payments and rental fees for the show. 


Once we have received payment and processed your signed contract, the offer becomes a booking. 


We send you everything you need to rehearse and perform the show: script, piano -vocal scores, and orchestra parts. In certain cases, backing tracks are available as well. No other materials are required.

Provided we receive full payment and a signed copy of the Production Contract, a full set of materials will be shipped approximately two (2) months before the first performance. Please allow up to ten (10) days for delivery. At the conclusion of your show, all of the materials must be shipped back to us.

Should you have any other questions regarding d'ILLUSION: The Houdini Musical, please feel free to contact us. 

To find out about Mr. Varga's other works available for a license, please visit us at:

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