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Why our show? 

We've seen magic shows on Broadway. We've seen musical theater, circuses, and drama, but what about a unique and immersive theater experience that included all of those elements? Wouldn't it be spectacular? 

d'ILLUSION is a modern musical, combining underground brass ensemble music with epic filmscore sound, also cinematography with stage production. 

Houdini was produced in Budapest and enjoyed a fully sold-out run in a 2,200 seat arena. It was a critical and commercial success with standing ovations. 

After the promising success of the Hungarian production, we're determined to take The Brothers Houdini  on the road to audiences across the United States and other countries.

Who's our audience?

d'ILLUSION is as much a family show as a hip theater piece for young audiences. We also expect tourists eager to experience illusions, drama, and bedazzlement.

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