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Isolation (Cabin Fever) can cause a hard time for all of us who lost our jobs and

just sitting at home checking out social media and watching Netflix. I

believe it’s important to have a purpose in our life, now more than ever. 

Therefore I announce the first “Full Musical Audiobook - Home Recording Project”

Looking for actors, voice-over talents, singers who can record themselves remotely. 




Furthermore, we're looking for music directors to teach music  / record voice memos/  and orchestrators to help with the remaining songs that haven't been

orchestrated yet (~5 songs) and sound engineers to mix and master the tracks. 

DEMO SONGS ARE AVAILABLE at houdinionbroadway.com/music

BOOK available upon request!

For more information about the show, please check out the website. 


Cast of characters:

Erik Weiss  a.k.a. Houdini 


Theo Weiss - a.k.a Dash(i) / Hardeen, Erik’s younger brother


Bess Rahner - Erik’s wife, singer in Floral Sisters


Martin Beck - talent agent, Houdini’s manager


Mina “Marjorie” Crandon - unpredictable spiritualist


Cecilia Weiss - the boys’ loving mother


Samuel Weiss - the boys’ dying father (he has throat cancer)



Daisy - Houdini’s assistant on the tour

Floral Sisters (Maggie / Nicole)

Theatre Owner [SHE]

Fortuneteller (played by Mina)

Gordon - Mina’s assistant

The interviewer

Journalists / Street People / Men / Women


Theatre Owner  #2


Young Erik (teenager voice)


Young Theo (teenager voice)

Stage directions

If interested, email us at: 



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